Beneficial and not so beneficial insects


Date:04 Dec 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

We've had some warm, muggy days with some light rain these past few days. Although it's great for plant growth, I'm keeping my eye on things as it's the perfect combination for the likes of fungal diseases. All looks well at the moment.

The aphids are out in force, this time taking a liking to my capsicum and chilli plants. I've been carefully blasting the leaves with water every day trying to keep on top of them. And also used Yates Natures way for vegetables earlier in the week. I am finally winning I think!

I've mulched the pumpkin patch with pea straw, to keep weeds down and hold the moisture in.

I always plant flowers around my garden and fruit bushes to attract and feed the beneficials, although as the years have gone on, the less I need to plant as most things self seed. I'm hoping for a good crop this season, so far it's looking like it will be!

Beneficial and not so beneficial insects