Bento Bowl


Date:18 Nov 2021

Blog Type:Mini Challenge - VEGETABLE RECIPES, Vegetables, Recipes

This is more of an ‘inspiration’ than a recipe - as it’s kind of ‘anything goes’ depending on your taste/what’s in season! 


Cook sushi rice and add some sushi seasoning to it before adding it to the bottom of the bowl, add a bit of sesame dressing (if you have it, easy to omit) then on top of it layer whichever vegetables you like - either fresh or cooked - here we have: avocado, asparagus, carrot, red onion, celery, spinach, broad beans, cucumber, coriander and calendula petals.


We also added chicken which we marinated in garlic, lemon and olive oil (usually we would do teriyaki - but that has too much salt/sugar for our little one!), then we topped it with some kewpie mayo and sesame seeds.


The longest part of the meal really is waiting for the rice to cook! And all the veggies can be prepped easily the night before, so if you know you’re going to be short on time the following night, it’s a super easy and healthy meal to whip up!

Bento Bowl