Better access to herbs


Date:01 Oct 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables

This is my herb patch, that needs a bit of TLC I might add. I used to have a designated herb garden beside my other vege gardens, then I slowly moved most into pots - I'm still pulling out mint from the garden bed they were in!

I find herbs is always an after thought for me while I'm cooking, so they are now placed out the door of my kitchen/living area where I can just nip out while I'm cooking. I'm finding I'm using them a lot more now!

Unfortuntely I've just pulled 3 more brassica seedlings out, as they were not looking healthy, and a couple more look to be on the verge of doing the same. I may leave those in and keep feeding them seaweed tonic and see if they recover, which I'm betting the won't. The rest are looking good for now.

Not much really to do gardening wise, apart from keeping up with watering and weeding and waiting for things to grow!

We have a 4 year old in the house tomorrow, and she's requested a train cake - and here I was thinking I'd be doing a pretty cake! So I'm off to get myself organised for making that this afternoon.


Better access to herbs