Blackcurrant cuttings have worked!

Gardener:Ev in the South

Date:21 Oct 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables

Can’t believe it and as it was so easy! Place we are staying at has blackcurrant bushes and I wanted to get some of my own growing for the future. This old gardening book said all you do is cut 10cm pieces of new currant wood in autumn and stick them in the ground. Sure enough, 6 months later, most of the sticks have turned into tiny bushes. I’m removing flowers from them the first year to encourage root/stalk growth. Didn’t expect 90% of them to work to be honest, so will need to give some away as not sure I can house all 15+ of them considering how big they get after a couple of years. I wish blueberries were so easy to propagate, let me know if you’ve tried!

So that’s my exciting news. Otherwise, it’s a bit cool and slow down here. Definitely have to wait till Show Weekend to get tomatoes and cucurbits out as it’s not very spring like yet. Was worried about runner beans for a few days there as it got down to about 5 degrees, but all seems to be well.

My hands are itching to plant everything out. I’ve counted and I have 20 tomatoes and 15 pumpkins among other vegies still inside. But lows are still around 6-8 degrees around here, so wait I must. Hope everyone up North has a productive Labour weekend! What are your plans for it?

Blackcurrant cuttings have worked!