Bring in the bees


Date:08 Dec 2021

Blog Type:Flowers

This planter has previously been home to strawberries, herbs, weeds, but this year it is wild flowers and I think that's the way it will continue!!! 

This is a mix of leftover seed packets of different Yates bee friendly mixes, and it's so fab!! 

My favourite part is that it's right by our lounge window and our little one loves looking out at the flowers - especially when they move in the wind and with all the honey and bumble bees on them I've been trying to get him interested in them too!


It has also been a great picking garden, especially with the sweet peas and alstroemerias in the background - I actually picked a bunch of both this avo before friends came around (who have just left hense the later post when I really should be sleeping) - the flowers were commented on, so they both ended up going home with different friends!


One issue I always have when picking flowers is that I feel I am robbing the bees - but I feel this year I have more flowers than before so I'm pretty ok with it!

Bring in the bees