Brisk gardening


Date:17 Nov 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables

I've been a bit missing in action on here and in the garden the past 4 or so days, the weather hasn't been that great and I've had Miss 4 home not well.

But we managed to get out to the tunnel house for 20 minutes today, before my side kick got sick of it.

We done a general weed in there, and took some laterals off the tomatoes, plus all the lower leaves that were touching/near touching the soil.

We had a quick wonder around the garden, and the seeds (rocket, radish, silverbeet and spinach) I direct sowed are starting to pop up! All but the radish I usually sow and transplant.

I'm so impressed at the strike rate of those, I may even be converted to direct sow them at this time of the year always!

Brisk gardening