Date:03 Sep 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables

When we arrived here at Glendower... nearly 5 years ago, there was nothing but weedmat & gravel all around the house. I humped and heaved and got rid of a patch of the gravel just outside the back door so that I could plant a handful of Jerusalem artichoke tubers that I had purchased online. My thinking was that these tubers would help to break up the heavily compacted soil. 

Now I am again focusing on that area at the back door.  I was weeding this area yesterday and it is thick with these knobbly funny flower roots. There are hundreds.  If any one would like some.... just comment with your address and I will happily send you a handful... just beware their mutiplying tendancy.

I am also collecting the odd broken bits of crockery that seem to turn up. I believe that there has been a vegetable garden here since the house was built in 1868 - but why on earth did they break their old crockery in the gardens??? ..... any ideas?