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Gardener:The flower lady

Date:03 Oct 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

And loving it , There is something about spring that has me much more motivated , is it that planting is on the horizon in mass so the prep has begun to be very important , is the extra hours with a bit more vitamin D or is it that I am back at the farmers market and have soooo many gardening chats , likely a combination of them all .

Friday I got some weed spraying done as I prep the flower field to have more blooms than ever before , zinnias , lambs ear , dalias , asters , craspidia , bells of ireland , echinops , sunflowers .

The irises are looking amazing and I finally have my timing right much less weeds , water is great and they look amazing , something about this year is making me feel like a proper flower grower .

The farmers market was loads of fun I took my first tray of courgettes and almost sold out , 30 people including me have jumped on the spud in a bucket comp which is awesome , must plant mine today .

I got 2 messages while at market one offering more bulbs and one of some japonica anenomes which I said yes please , and both are popping up to choose some irises as a trade :) I really do not think I could be where I am without the awesome supportive community I live in .

So sunday was spent tying the bulbs as I want the energy to still go back to the bulb , we chopped the japonica back Jamison helped fill the pots and we have 12 pots which will eventually go in the flower field to add a beautiful soft pink element .

I potted on loads more courgettes , spread some grass clippings and had a bit of a dig / turn of a compost pile .

Today is very wet but once I force myself to get the boring housework done I will head back to the green house for some more seed sowing .

Busy busy busy