Carrot success ... hopefully!

Gardener:Homestead mama

Date:21 Oct 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables

This is not my first time planting carrots.

There are so many seeds in the packet I'm sure most people think they're easy to grow - or perhaps that's why there are so many seeds?

I, however, have not had much success. Usually germination rate is low (highly likely my lack of ability to remember to water), & then they do weird maneuvers in the ground & NEVER look like the picture on the front! (Probably due to poor soil preparation). Ok, I'm learning the error of my ways.

Well, this season I decided to try the raised bed. It could've been the rain we've had, but they're looking pretty happy so far! I'm thinking it's also all that loose soil to grow in.

In the foreground is the ONE Paris Market that I harvested this week, from sowing a VERY long time ago. I'd all but given up on them. I tell you,  there was some whooping in my garden at that little gem. We ate it with a homegrown salad of baby radish, sugar snap peas & fermented celery & mint. Mmm

Carrot success ... hopefully!