Cucurbits are out, vaguely labelled

Gardener:Ev in the South

Date:07 Nov 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables

Very excited to finally plant out all pumpkins and zucchinis today! Being large, these 15 plants occupy about ¼ of all my garden space. The garden is finally starting to look full again.

I got confused about what was what before the repotting, which I had to do about a month ago. So a few labels have been vague since. I really hope that all potential Butternuts are indeed Butternuts and not zucchinis. If they are zucchinis, we will be flooded with these. I had trouble starting some seeds which is why I am not certain about the actual numbers. I’m like a crazy cat lady from the Simpsons, except instead of cats I have butternut pumpkin bushes.

Cucumbers and gherkins have also been planted outside now, but in growing bags, as real estate is limited. I have had a terrible go last year (first time I tried growing these) They sort of just rotted. I did zero research on what soil they liked though, so this year I am hopefully much more prepared with growing bags full of light compost and humus. Fingers very very crossed.

Cucurbits are out, vaguely labelled