Delicious Weeds

Gardener:McLittin's Garden

Date:10 Sep 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables

Following on from Sarah's blog I thought I'd share our weed problem. 

The section we purchased has a small patch of bush/scrub on the bank by the road.  It is full of invasive weeds and we are about 50% through clearing it.

Thing is that one of the weeds is banana passionfruit.  I had never tried this before and it is everywhere over all the trees. The problem is that it grows too well here and smothers trees so is now a banned plant. 

It is illegal to propagate, sell or distribute but if you have it you are allowed to keep it.

This is where the problem lies because Haven and I think it's delicious.  It also is established and has been on the property for years. The friends we are staying with remember stopping as children and collecting them from this same spot. It's accross the road and in the neighbors too.

At this point we are undecided on how to manage this pest plant. We are severely reducing the plants ability to reproduce by eating 10+ per day. 

Once the fruit is ripe this year we'll remove most vines and trim others back. I'm not ready to completely remove it yet but once we have other passionfruit established it's days may be numbered.  

Delicious Weeds