Date:03 Nov 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables

My beautiful daughter lives with ASD - autistic spectrum disorder. One of her things is neophobia... a fear of new things. Food neophobia has always been chronic for her, and I have spent 19 years working on getting to one meal a day that is reasonably healthy. 


It's the same every day, and nothing can touch. Broccoli, courgette, beans, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, a soft boiled egg, nuts, kiwifruit, strawberries or blueberries and apple. Great right!?


Turns out 4 of our staples are listed in the dirty dozen of New Zealand foods. Apples sitting at number 1, strawberries at number 5. Yet another reason to grow your own food!!  At least I know for a certain period of the year, I can grow all of these things and they are grown in the best soil I can build, without added chemicals and hopefully are good for her.