DIY Pea/Bean Frames

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Date:25 Sep 2021

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Ta-Da! I went with Bean frames, and invested a little in them so they'll last and work with our garden. 

Our raised veggie gardens are down steps and have a deck built around them as they're built over our steep bank. Behind that fence is our backyard/outdoor living :) 

 I figured, if I used frames leaning onto the fence:

1) They're more sheltered than teepees

2) Take less garden space than teepees

3) They have the strength of the fence supporting them (they have a couple of tack nails holding them firm)...Wellington Winds be warned - we are ready for you!! 

4) They cover what is a pretty uninteresting wall (that needs painting...will get hubby onto that! 😂) and expands the garden upwards

5) Growing some 'yard-long' varieties - if the 3m+ vine runs true, I can fling them over the fence to continue (and probably get eaten by Chief-the-thief Labrador)

It turned out to be a little bit of a DIY project for hubby, but he quietly likes those projects...except when I change my mind - on this occassion he was in luck - I didn't change my mind

These frames are made from really long, sturdy Tomato Stakes, and a couple of rolls of plastic Garden Trellis, which was then stapled to the poles. The trellis each are 1.4m wide x 2m tall (including in ground). We built 3 of them!  When we don't need them, they can roll up on themselves and be stacked in the shed or garage!

....and they look pretty good I think!

....Now I can finish my garden plan because I know where Beans and Peas are going....On my gorgeous Trellis's

Love progress in the garden!

DIY Pea/Bean Frames