Don’t water from above


Date:30 Nov 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables

Don’t water from above... That’s what I have always been told anyway, as it can spread diseases… however, the misty rain we had all weekend seemed to miss the memo and watered from above nearly all weekend long… which also meant that the little rust we had on our garlic prior to the weekend has had a party and decided to invite all the garlic! 


Never fear though, this garlic has been grounded for months now, and s sneaky check from the top shows it is going all well - so while it may have rust - there is still green in the leaves so it will still grow. 


As it is now in the bulking phase I am ensuring that the mulch stays around the base so it doesn’t dry out, as being well watered will help it put on size, as well as being fed, so I am trying to remember to add a side dressing of our homemade compost regularly and watering it in..


Hopefully we’ll get a good few more weeks of growth!

Don’t water from above