Fathers Day Fairies

Gardener:McLittin's Garden

Date:05 Sep 2021

Blog Type:Flowers

Today we visited our section for the first ever seed planting. We had a packet of Yates Magical Creatures, Fairy Flower Mix to plant and figured it would be a great addition to the bank which is pretty bare after ripping out the invasive weeds.

It is really important that before planting any seeds that you carefully read the packet and do your ground work to ensure success.  In this instance I was a little disappointed that the Yates packet was not comprehensive.  While the instructions were clear there was an obvious oversight.

You see, the packet fails to explain that to get the best success from you fairy flower mix, you should have fairies plant the seed for you! Luckily we had two beautiful fairy's on hand who were glad to help out. Sadly there were no wings for me to join in on the action (that would have been a real sight to behold).

Fathers Day Fairies