Feeling seedy

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:19 Oct 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

In the best way , so to be as sustainable as we can we save alot of seed , occasionally the viability is questioned .

For instance I used my seeded and did a huge area of sunflowers but my germination rate was super low , so I did a tray with a couple of hundred seeds at least and of course super germination rate and the soil is not yet ready so I am potting them on .

With carrots the seed comes in the second year so patience is needed but so worth it , these have been extreamly viable I have carrots popping up everywhere .

Sometimes the seed heads need protection from the elements or in the case of swan plants the caterpillers that want to eat the future food source silly things , so here I use the wee mesh bags you see jewelery in and tie over the top this works very well .

Make sure they are all dry before storing away .

Feeling seedy