filling all the spaces in :)

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:10 Nov 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

Under planting , interim planting every space up and over , underneath its gotta go in somewhere .

I have decided just to focus on the hard landscaping in the new area as there is no easy water there yet so this means the pumpkin patch has moved to the vege garden and both sides of the tunel house will be heaving with produce in no time .

Because I am expecting so much from the soil I will be adding a few wheel barrows of our awesome worm filled home made compost , Its possible all these areas will become no dig garden beds as productivity increases .

I have flowers on my toms in the tunnel house and tiny cucumbers forming , the beets are looking great , and I am gratful for some rain on the radar to weed my tunnel house and flexi tunnel as everything is growing soo well .

With loads being planted out it means there is more room in the green house and shade house so more seeds have gone in , yesterday was a lot of Hellerborus and pulsitilla that a wonderful friend gave me .

Plus some white scabiosa , how I love perenial flowers , I think I need to start some more peas and beans also .

But in goes corn , courgettes , toms , loads of pumpkins , cucumbers , capsicums I may have missed something but its all go around here .

I also used some coffee grounds over the surface mostly hoping it would confuse the bugs , so far so good , and remember keep weekly feeds up for the productive plants they are heavy feeders 

filling all the spaces in :)