Food waste?


Date:31 Oct 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables

 It's not waste unless it’s wasted!


Starting solids has been great fun, especially as the majority of food has been homegrown vegetables and most recently eggs from our girls - but one thing I wasn’t looking forward to was the food waste!


Luckily I came across ‘Compostable Kate’ on Instagram and her slogan ‘It’s not waste until it’s wasted” - which I absolutely love!


So now when there is even a spoonful left over, out to either the worms or compost it goes! 


It’s been an absolutely stunning weekend here in Canterbury, which has been perfect timing for finishing off my masters, so I haven’t had to use our little ones nap times for study - due to a bit of garden neglect recently there are SO MANY weeds, but luckily I enjoy weeding!!


And tomorrow is November… or should I say DINO-vember! Can’t wait!

Food waste?