....for the love of Radishes

Gardener:Gardening with the Dillons

Date:29 Oct 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables

A while back I shared a blog about my radishes and today I picked some! 

Keeping in mind we're the backyard garden.. not rural. I have two garden beds, both different depths, and for the fun of it I planted radishes in both, because everyone can grow radishes...... which also remains true! 

I shouldn't be surprised, given radish is a root vegetable, but they LOVED the deeper raised garden. And until now I thought radishes were small...until planting amongst the Garlic in the deeper bed. 

Radish doesn't get much love does it, but my radishes in the deeper garden really were showing off and continue to do so. The spinach planted as a companion seems to be in competition. Also very showy.

So my new problem....a gluton of big radish ahead of the courgette gluton heading our way... Happy Spring Gardening!   Radish recipes gratefully received....

Plans this weekend:

Paint the new glasshouse.....which my Tomatoes already love so much already...... I need to sweet talk my cucumbers into their new home as they're grandstanding sulkers! 

What are your plans this weekend?.....

....for the love of Radishes