From garden to plate.....

Gardener:Gardening with the Dillons

Date:28 Nov 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

Today was the first proper spring/summer harvest. 

Always a good day when you bring in the dinner. These goodies are going into Taco's .....which my 6 year old tells me is on the wrong day! Apparently it's not Taco Sunday.

The weekend was filled mostly resolving problems in the garden. Everything is sown and growing.

Zucchini's look like they may come to life so didn't move them today.

Tomatoes and Chilli's all staked.

Rainbow Carrots looking good. Was tempted to pick some.

Garlic....hmmmmmmm I think I spotted a leaf with rust - just one - and  I cut it off, checked the rest then cleaned tools. Yesterday's blog post may have jinxed me. 

Picked peas - yay - and crisphy lettuce - yay!

....and picked some flowers because it's always lovely to have some cheery colour to remind you of your hard work in the garden.....Calendula makes me smile and the Sweet Pea smells lovely!

I'm in love with colourful pickings like today's in my Trug! It's happiness in the home and on the plate.

Hope everyone's weekend was productive and enjoyable! 

From garden to plate.....