Date:28 Oct 2021

Blog Type:Mini Challenge - GROW TO GIVE

There is only one problem with following my is almost IMPOSSIBLE to shake just 3 lettuce seeds out of a packet.

I noticed this morning that the lettuce seedlings appeared to have had some kind of haircut and looked quite cramped. I carefully separated the long fragile roots and cajoled them into seedling plugs. While I was doing this, the dogs flushed out the hair-cut culprit... a mouse!

I will let these seedlings get a bit bigger, take out the 3 for my garden, and then re-pot the rest into larger pots to take to our local foodbank choosing table. The "grow food in pots" workshop that we ran for foodbank clients was a huge success, so I think they'll be ready for some extra plants by the time these 100 spare lettuce and silverbeet plants are big enough.

You never know, from my spares, more gardeners might be made. There is a whole lot of power in knowing you can grow your own food.