Game changing Glasshouse

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Date:25 Nov 2021

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Oh how I love our new glasshouse.

Here in Wellington I've never successfully grown cucumber outside, at all, so definitely didn't try this year! I usually drop them into pots and put them in the greenhouse where I have all the seedlings etc. 

Not this year! This year I have my big Blue Beauty of a glasshouse and she sure is giving back super quick.

Quick inspection last night and we have cucumbers all ready, and also some Tomatoes!! Yay - I'm easily a 4-6 weeks ahead of where I'd normally be, especially with Tomatoes!  Everything is so lush, healthy and happy. I'm over the moon!! I can beat you Wellington weather!!! haha

I know there will be the glut with Cucumbers and probably Tomatoes (and Basil), so here's a couple of my favourite salad recipes:

Cucumber Salad (Lauren's Latest Recipe Blog

2 English Cucumbers, 1/4 of an onion, 1/4 of a capsicum, 1 garlic clove smashed, 3/4 cup of vinegar, 2/3 cup of cold water, 4Tb of sugar, 2tspn of salt, 1/2tspn of pepper....

Peel cucumbers, slice thin. Place in bowl with onion, capsicum & garlic.   Stir remaining ingredients together in a cup/bowl. Pour over the veggies and stir. Pop in jar, place in fridge for at least 6 hours. Then enjoy!   I eat these straight from the jar yummy! Lasts a couple of weeks in fridge (never lasts that long with me)


Caprese Salad with grilled Peppers (a take on a Jamie Oliver recipe)

1 Capsicum (or jarred grilled peppers), 2 balls of mozzarella cheese, 2 cups of cherry or rough chopped tomatos, good handful of basil, and olive oil.

Grill peppers - I hold them over my gas stove, but you could put under grill in oven. Put in bowl and cover to allow them to steam for 10mins. Remove skin, remove seeds. Chop up.  Tear mozzarella into bite chunks. Halve cherry toms/chop Tomatoes. Scatter all on a platter. Drizzle with olive oil. Scatter torn Basil, and add salt and pepper....I do the Basil just before serving so nice and fresh!

Game changing Glasshouse