MINI CHALLENGE 2 - The tool & plan

Gardener:Gardening with the Dillons

Date:27 Sep 2021

Blog Type:Mini Challenge - Plan for Success, Vegetables, Flowers

Here's my planning tool.  Not a pen and paper version, but an App called Planter

My appeal with this tool when I started using it was the connection of planning, with plant information, and the ability to have multiple plans for the season. I can also easily switch out plants as I sow and change the garden - I simply copy the current plan, and then modify. I typically plan by the season. It also calls out compatibility issues with plants which is awesome AND it uses the 'square foot' method - hence my Square-Stick-Man :)

I have 3 main gardens and then containers for the rest

* The majority of my Tomatoes and Chillis/Peppers are in pots. I'm growing mostly Determinate Toms as they're mostly bush Toms. Last year I had great success with Chilli's and Peppers in pots too, so repeating successes

* Moved Potatos, Garlic and Pumpkin to a new garden down the bank - sheltered, heat and can occupy all the space it likes!

* Small raised garden currently has Garlic, Shallots, and newly acquired Egyptian Walking Onions (they deserve a blog post of their own!)... This garden is currently interplanted with spinach, radish and some spring onions - but has room to take on more, so I need a think there!

* Large raised garden is CRAZY busy if this goes to plan. It's got a Black Krim tomato, some cherry toms, Sweet Corn one end, and popping corn other end (and I'll stagger planting of each to hopefully stop cross pollination in wellie winds) - Beans, Peas, Cucumber growing up trellis's (cucumber will be a really late planting - as it tends to like the greenhouse more - so I'll grow in both greenhouse and trellis!) A few zuchinni's , carrots, cabbage, salad greens, beets, beetroot.....and to make this beauty truly something - a sprinkle of lots of sunflowers, calendula, marigolds and all the things pollinators love! 

PHEW....and that's my plan!  You say it out loud and it is a bit daunting and will keep us busy....but I look forward to it!

MINI CHALLENGE 2 - The tool & plan