Date:28 Sep 2021

Blog Type:Mini Challenge - Plan for Success

The fun part of my plan was painting all the little rocks. This next part was a bit more challenging - collecting all the info about the seeds I was planning to plant. I haven't quite finished the plan, but it is almost there.

What has been a game changer for me was spending the time to actually look at all the details - soil temperatures, growing times and thinking about how many plants our family would actually need. I am also thinking about, and making notes about what will go next - cover crop or what rotation for the next gowing season. This spreadsheet can then be just updated next year. I'll be especially interested in the quanities - too much, not enough?

I will laminate this sheet and it can live in the area where I am imagining a potting shed (Lol - it's on the wish list) I have pulled out all the naming rocks for October planting, ready for when the seeds arrive. On the plan is a spread of planting, so that hopefully it will be a spread of harvest also.

I can't believe how organised I feel now. The Lilac is just starting to flower, so I am antsy to get that first batch of beans in seedling trays.

The final part of my plan will be to allocate plants to beds. I have a horrible feeling its not all going to fit :-0