Date:14 Sep 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables

Weather too cold & iffy to get out in there today, so decided to post an update instead.

* Biochar activated. I think by next week, the buckets of biochar, soil bacteria and urine will be ready to mix into the new garden beds that are still in creation mode. I have been adding horse manure, leaf litter, blood & bone and pea straw.... so once I add this biochar, and some seaweed I have yet to collect - they'll be fully charged and ready to be covered and left to bed down for another month.

* Lupin green crop. The seeds that I scattered a week or so ago, on my future zucchini bed, have started to put out little legs and seeds have split ready for leaves to start unfurling.

* After a slow start the garlic leaves are getting a real grow on, and the lettuce seedlings that I dug out of the paths are starting to grow quicker than the rabbits are eating them now. 


I have kind of resigned myself to limited veg from the garden this season - as I really want to work on the soil first. The new annual beds will all benefit from having a green crop planted first, so I am thinking I will just concentrate on late summer and winter crops this year. 

All of your seed raising posts are making me feel very itchy fingered, but I just have to sit on my hands.