Gardening For Future Generations

Gardener:McLittin's Garden

Date:18 Sep 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables

We are currently in the process of planting our 3rd orchard in 3 years and hopefully this is the last. While this has been a wee bit frustrating for me not being able to reap the rewards, I believe every fruit tree is not just planted for us but for future generations.  

As earlier mentioned, our new property is an old orchard and we did manage to save some of the established fruit trees. Our absolute favorite is this macadamia which is bursting with nuts. We have been diligently collecting, hulling and drying the nuts. Oh and diligently eating them too!

All of this is because someone had the foresight to plant that tree many years ago. 

Haven is wanting to set up a stall out front to sell McCallums Maccas which will happen in the coming years. The nuts are so expensive to buy. 

Keen to know what you have planted for future generations or what you are now benefiting from due to those that have come before you.

Gardening For Future Generations