Gardening for life

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:25 Oct 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

As I have said many times before , my garden is my sanity , my gym my supermarket and my solice .

Some days I feel my gym hours are a tad long but I sleep well on those nights .

I have been planting out a storm and given a few tours lately , I even made contact with the organisers of the Hurunui garden festival to be a part of it next year , If we meet the critera (terrifying ) but very motivating , theres still a lot to do and I think we will be ready.

The no dig garden has a nice layer of grass clippings , ready for the compost to go on to for next weeks planting .

Everything is being fed weekly and a 12 cubic meter of sawdust has been ordered .

A few bugs seem to have arrived with avengence I cant think of what they are called right now but they are a green shade and excreat a soapy looking substance , I know they are suckers and out to cause carnage , I am hoping bioforce has an answer , but in the interim I shall make up some neem spray .

A note on mulch I am a huge fan of mulch , back to eden and no dig gardening , but you must be aware of how each layer effects the soil , so sawdust will take nitrogen for a few years before it gives back , but for us this is fine because our homegrown made compost is nitrogen high so I think it evens out well .

We finally decided we are deep enough into the growing world that a wee bit of help in the way of a grow tent was justified , I have just popped in some capsicums and swan plants that I really want to hurry up , and that tray of curcubits that just do not seem to want to hurry up so I am looking forward to see if they finnally germinate or they really are duds .

The weather is over cast and perfect for planting so in the flower field in goes bells of ireland , sunflowers , lambs ear , echinops , asters and in the flexi tunnel dahlias .

I have some big decisions to make coming up as some areas are likely not to be ready so its likely going to be a new no dig garden in the new zone just to make it happen , thankfully some neighbours down the rd have a load of rotted down hay that will help out a lot .

Plus my Dad was out this weekend and my daughter used our mini cart to take Dad for a tour , hes getting so frail but I could see the twinkle esspecially when he saw how much I have done in our flower field . And we of course sent him home with flowers a big bunch for the hall and a small bunch of sweet peas for his unit .

Gardening for life