Gardening Saturday


Date:27 Nov 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables

I had a lovely day in the garden today, getting lots done.

I transplanted what felt like hundreds of spring onion seedlings, and some spinach.

Got some more seeds direct sown - lettuce, silverbeet, peas, radishes, rocket and more spinach.

Took some more laterals off my tomato plants, which I felt like I've not long done! This is the only time I keep on top of it - when I'm in a bit of a lull in the garden. Once it gets busier I just can't find the time and before I know it I have a tomato jungle.

I also got my giant pumpkin planted, which for now I only have the one plant. The kids ones threw a tanty and died,  and the other one has grown it's first set of cotyledon leaves and stunted! I wonder if I planted it too deep?

I hummed and harred where I was going to put it, as I didn't want it in with my eating pumpkins. So I stuck it in the corner of a bed, and it can grow where ever it desires along the ground. I might pop another couple of seeds direct somewhere, as they are so fun to grow!


Gardening Saturday