Getting excited for spring!


Date:24 Jul 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables

So excited that our new tunnel house is almost complete, it has got me super excited for the upcoming season!

For the last two years I've grown half our tomatoes in our 6m tunnel house and the other half outside. Living in Southland our growing season is a lot shorter, with having frosts right up to November.

This means not being able to get the frost tender plants in until those first few weeks of Novemeber (and crossing all my fingers and toes we don't get a late frost!).  By the time the fruit is ready to ripen, it's starting to get cold again so doesn't come to a lot. Mean while taking up space in the garden I could had planted something more productive in.

This new tunnel house really is going to be a godsend, I won't have the mission of figuring out crop rotation down to a fine art - which sometimes meant growing in containers to give the soil a break or growing outside and the crop not reaching its full potential. And I will be able to grow more! 

Spring I'm (almost) ready for ya!


Getting excited for spring!