Greenhouse bursting at its seams


Date:26 Sep 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables

Today some of my bigger seedlings graduated from inside to the greenhouse, which meant I had to have a jiggle around to make room for them.

I had to move some of the not so senstive seedlings into the tunnel house which isn't as insulated, but I have no doubt they will be absolutely fine in there.

I have decided to keep the capsicums and chillis inside a bit longer, where it's warmer. Both of these I have a hard time growing from seed, last year i managed to get both to germinate, but they didn't do very well. I have sown them again this year as I am no quitter and they are up, but I have bought some seedlings as a back up option!

I was talking to my brother in law not long ago, and he mentioned one year he grew chillis inside and it was a great success for him, so I'm thinking I might try this with one plant this year to see how it goes.


Greenhouse bursting at its seams