Growing from seed


Date:24 Sep 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables



I’m a big fan of growing from seed, and so this year I have decided that in my vegetable garden I’m only going to frow from seed (unless I am gifted/swap seedlings) - so far so good in the seed raising department!


I’ve had to change my idea of gardening from wanting to get out for a good hour, to ‘what can I do in 20mins?’ - and it had left me very focused and productive!


In my last 20min gardening session I planted out my beetroot, summer spinach and strawberry spinach seedlings - then did the all-important task of netting them to the birds don’t pull them out/nibble the leaves to nothing! 


To make the most of my time I do try and ‘pre-prepare’ as much as I can with a baby before getting out there - how I pre-prepared for this little planting session was giving my seedlings a soak - I found that my ‘soaking tub’ from last year has a hold in it (there’s a hole in my bucket dear liza!), so a takeaway container had to do! It was only last season I started soaking my seedlings before transplanting after reading lots of comments on how good it was - and it’s something I’m planning on continuing to do, I definitely find they seem to take better and don’t end up with as much of a ‘sulky stage’.

Growing from seed