Happy days


Date:27 Oct 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables

We're starting to get inundated with salad greens, so much we can't keep up.

So I decided spur of the moment this morning to do a big harvest and sell them in my shed, which isn't officially open yet for the season.

I didn't think I'd sell a lot, having not given any notice I'd be open for the day, but popped a post up on the sheds Facebook page anyway.

I was busy pottering around in the garden and my phone kept going 'ping ping' every so often, I ignored it for a while thinking it was just emails.

When I checked my phone, low and behold it was the security camera going off in the shed detecting movements. We had to unfortunately install cameras in there as we had a lot of thefts, and thankfully since installing them we've never had to view the security footage because it hasn't happened since!

I had a nosy in the shed as I was on my way to pick up the kids, and sure enough at least half of the produce had sold!

I am dropping off the seedlings to South Alive on Friday as I'll be down that end of town and was going to add in the salads that didn't sell....but I may have to do another harvest for them! 

Picture is of some of the goodies in the shed today. I also have a chilly bin in there, but I think I need to upsize or buy another to fit it all in!

Happy days