Happy fathers day

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:05 Sep 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables

A special happy fathers day to all you legends passing on your skills in the garden o the next generation , I hope you have something wonderful today .

Today we have done the cooked breaky the home made cake using our eggs and a few chives and some lettuce , loads of family time , my awesome hubby came for a wonder round the flower patch while I let him know which areas are not doing the job ie dry spots and that is not what I want so a plan has been made .

The toms I had nearly given up on (sown 15 days ago ) finally burst in to life with such vigour .

I took a few things to the flower market for the first time since april and in level 3 it was strange but still a lovely welcoming place , and it was great to see so many Auckland growers were able to frieght their flowers , I really feel for them . The industry is working hard to rectify growers in level 4 .

And finally I got a lovely gift from the garden , I was doing a wine wonder because the boys have popped out for a bit and this mumma rememberd what peace was like for a faint moment .

Happy fathers day