Happy first day of spring!


Date:31 Aug 2021

Blog Type:Mini Challenge - Meet the Neighbours, Vegetables

Wow, where has this year gone? Hard to believe spring is here already!

I'm Stacey, we live on the outskirts of Invercargill on a lifestyle property of about 5 acres. I have an awesome hubby who helps me with all the hard yakka in the garden, and supports all my (sometimes) crazy plans and ideas. We have three children, Miss 17 who has just recently fled the nest, Master 6 and Miss almost 4.

This is my second spring challenge, only joining last year when i stumbled across it one day! Wish i knew about it sooner, as everybody is so supportive and have learnt some very valubale tips and tricks along the way.

I have never sat down and really planned my garden, I've always winged it, which sometimes worked, other seasons not so much - like last year when I had 10 times more of everything than i needed! Which wasn't a bad thing i guess in the end, as i gave some to friends and family and donated the others to some local charity groups.

This lockdown has MADE me sit down and really think about how to use my garden space wisely, without comprismising on plant and soil health. Planning the spacing of plants and (trying) not to plant in the same areas. We have recently bought a new tunnel house, which is going to help me greatly rotate the summer produce each year. 

I am realistic, and know not everything is going to go acoording to plan, but its a good starting point right?!

I didn't plant much from autumn on, so my gardens dont have a lot in them, so I've been able to plan my summer gardens from the beginning as such. I've added more compost and peastraw over the winter to give the soil a wee boost before I start planting again.

I'm so excited that the spring challenge has started again, and I'm looking forward to watching all your gardens grow this season, as well as learning from you all as well :)


Happy first day of spring!