Happy new year!


Date:04 Jan 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables

I hope everybody had a fabulous Christmas and new year! Hubby is back to work tomorrow, his time off went far too fast as always!

After days of rain - actually pretty dismay weather since Christmas, I managed to get out for a good stint in the garden today.

I've had amazing growth in the tunnel house, the outside garden is unfortunately yards behind, but we can't change the weather! Hopefully with a bit more stable weather it will do better.

I have been busy feeding the garden with seaweed tonic, pruned the lower branches and upper branches in the tomatoes to create more airflow. The tomatoes seem to be taking longer than normal to ripen this year, hopefully with more constant warmth that will change. And have done a general weed in the vege gardens.

The flower gardens are in desperate need of some love, so I hope to do that in the next couple of days.


Happy new year!