Hitting rock bottom


Date:02 Sep 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables

Today started with a hiss and a roar!!! Beautiful sun shining, birds chirping, magpies singing (all 8 of them), not a breeze to be felt! I started by removing the tarp from my new bedding area so the sheep could eat out the paddock without wreaking the tarp, as I learned the hard way the first time. Rolled out the rotary hoe to start bed prep for my potatoes. It had grown over with grass unfortunately so thought I'd need the big guns for that one. 

I managed to get most of the area done... until the rotary hoe decided it had had enough, became sluggish and then finally refused to be pushed any harder. So I got the pitch fork and carried on. That was until I started hitting stones, and I'm talking a blanket of stones!!! The ones in the wheelbarrow are from a section 1x1 meters. Took a good couple of hours to get them out because every time I tried to push the fork in it would jar my arms when it hit the rocks!! 

I'm hoping that tomorrow will be a bit more productive and less stones to remove, I'm glad the potatoes are not quite ready to go in yet. Time to relax and enjoy some rest.

Hitting rock bottom