Home, back to my happy place


Date:10 Oct 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables

We arrived home last night from a lovely time away at my cousins wedding, and am super happy to report no plant baby deaths, Miss 17 did a fanstastic job of looking after them! There is hope yet for her to have green fingers.

As I imagined, everything has grown since I've been away. I have planted two tomatoes (ones I bought as seedlings), and 4 courgettes in the tunnel houses. I'm hoping they will be ok, as they can still get frosted if we have a hard frost, but I'll keep an eye on the weather and protect them if need be.

I had no loses of my troubled brassica seedlings while I was away, but some leafs on a few plants were looking a bit suss. So I removed them, hoping to redirect the energy back into growing the plant, instead of trying to heal the few leafs.

I am looking forward to reading the blogs I've missed for a few days, when I catch my breath!


Home, back to my happy place