Hurrah for Tomatoes

Gardener:Gardening with the Dillons

Date:21 Sep 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables

Tomatoes. My favourite veggie of summer, and the most expensive in the supermarkets right now, so I'm super excited that these two 'Early Boy Bush' seedlings are looking big and happy. And being an Early, Determinate variety these will be happy in my greenhouse deliverying delicious goodness soon, I hope!

I planted these on 7 August, after going back through last years growing diary to remind myself what flourished and what flopped. Anyone else keep a gardening journal?

What did I learn?

1) Pick/Grow varieties that fit your environment. Last Year I grew a lot of tall indeterminate varities of Toms and the wind inialated them.  This year I'm growing more of the lower growing/bush varieties, mostly determinate - as those varieties have a growth limit!

2) Lots of Tomatoes will grow in pots - just make sure it's the right size pot. Pots also mean if you live in a crazy weather climate, like Wellington you can move them about (I even bought myself a little trolly just for this purpose 😁)

3) Keep a gardening journal and note timings for sowing, seedlings, fruiting, weather....everything that helps you improve and understand your garden better

4) You can never have too many Tomato plants....well, not for me anyway - my family would disagree 

5) Stake tomatoes well. Put the stakes in the ground/pot before planting the Tom. I'm sure I murdered a few tomatoes last year by staking afterwards.....

....and finally

6) The Rapunzel Variety is gorgeous and I'll never stop growing her - loves growing in a (big) pot, and is the sweetest and most fun tomato to grow! She's a giant, bushy, and gorgeous and worth it!

I'm sure I've learnt more than that, and will learn more again this year I'm sure.  I would love to hear all of your best Tomato growing tips  so we can all have a bumper season!

Hurrah for Tomatoes