Ideas into action


Date:25 Sep 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables

Yesterday I planted some brassicas that were ready into the garden, it became even more apparent that I am not going to have enough room for all of them.

It also became even more clear to me,  this is why I needed to plan every year/season.  These seeds were sown well before I made my garden plan, and I always knew I'd have too many, so I was just going to give the spares away.

So I texted hubby yesterday saying I would like another garden bed and what his thoughts were. He likes to ponder on things first so I like to give him 'notice' of my ideas. And I'm the opposite, if I have a plan I just get on with it! So I guess we even each other out, which is good.

Well blow me down, this morning he comes inside from being out, and asks me where I'd like the new garden bed, he had even measured out where he thought the best place would be.

We pulled out a garden to put the tunnel house in its place, and had kept the framing so it would of been silly not to use that.

So I've gone from yesterday - to having an idea that I want a new garden bed.  To today - where I have a new garden bed, and soil and compost has been added, all ready to plant the rest on Monday when the weather looks to be better. 

And here I was thinking he'd get back to me in 28 working days whether it was a good idea or not. He done all this in the rain I might add, I think he's a keeper! 



Ideas into action