Indiana James & The Iron Fortress

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Date:02 Sep 2021

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Like all brave adventurers that had gone before him, Indiana James ventured into the dark unknown with little regard for his own safety. His desire to find the treasure outweighed all common sense and gave him the courage to go deep into the cavernous space which the locals referred to as the iron fortress (or in latin naviculas continens).

You see he was in search of a long lost treasure. A true wonder of the universe that was said to have mystical powers. These treasures were stored in a vessel that went missing in the great house packing of 2020 and rumour had it that they lay somewhere deep in the bowels of this fortress.

It was said that just one of these treasures could be placed in the earth and from that one treasure, life would burst forth creating sustenance for the lucky bearer.

So with only a cell phone torch to guide him, Indiana James stepped into the darkness. It was clear that somebody wanted this treasure to remain unfound as the iron fortress was riddled with traps and snares to catch the unsuspecting hunter. Dodging the washing machine, he pivoted around a chair, ducked under a low lying mattress and found his way into the heart of the fortress.

That is when he saw it. The reward for his hard work. It was almost glowing with the power it contained.

Indiana James, grabbed the vessel, sprinted through the closing tunnel and dove out the front just before the hulking iron doors came clanging shut.

As he mounted his trusty steed named Santa Fe, a smile slowly spread across his face for in his backpack was the treasure he had come for – the long lost box of Yates Seeds.

DISCLAIMER – the above story may or may not be 100% factual.  The less dramatic version of the above story would be that James is pretty happy because he managed to find his Yates seeds which were packed away in a shipping container after moving house.

Indiana James & The Iron Fortress