Inside gardening


Date:09 Nov 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

Since I have a wee bit of a lull in the garden I thought I'd tackle some inside jobs that I haven't had time to do, before everything gets busy again!

We don't have a garden shed, but oh I would love one! Hubby is right in saying that everything already has its place, but I would love everything in the one spot!

All my ferts, sprays and indoor plant stuff are in our garage in a cupboard. So I've given that a really good clean out, and categorised everything into sections so I can clearly see what I've got, putting the opened things at the front.

With the packet of seeds I recieved early in the week (thanks Yates and Sarah!), came a pamphlet with info on seeds etc. I finally got around to reading it after I dropped the kids off this morning. And in the middle was a pull out planting guide.

I have lamented it, and I will keep it in my greenhouse where all the magic happens of seed planting. I have another one from another brand out there already, but this will take its place!

The Yates one is really in-depth, colour coordinated and tells you what can be sown in each month, and whether to - direct sow, sow in punnets outside in a sheltered area, sow indoors or in a glasshouse. For both vegetables and flowers. And the bonus it is on one page! I'm in Invercargill, so not quite coastal and we get frosts, so it says to plant a month later.

So I'll be able to look at a month and easily see what seeds I can sow, and how to sow it. Genius! Thanks Yates, this is by far the best planning guide I've come across, that's easy to use and straight forward.

I have also lamented my garden plans that live out in the greenhouse too, I think it was Harrison who I got that idea from, so thank you too!



Inside gardening