Interplanting and small spaces

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Date:18 Sep 2021

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We have a suburban backyard garden. We make a garden from every space we can, and then sometimes you've also got to get really clever with planting in the veggie garden - particularly in summer when you plant all the tomatoes, peppers and chilli's to feed the country!  I love home grown tomatoes etc. so my habits aren't going to change, so I have to get clever!

This picture is my garlic/shallots, and interplanting of radish and spinach - and space as corn is going in here too!  The windmills are an 'organic' method to keep a neighbours cat off this space (Labrador so far ineffective in keeping the cat away!)

Interplanting is where you grow slow growing veggies in between fast growing veggies. Now I'm no expert, and this is new to me, but so far I've tried Spinach/Radish between Garlic, and Carrots under/between Lettuces/Rocket.

I'm not an expert - very new to this, but the combinations I'm trying this spring/summer are:

Beans in between Corn

Carrots between Lettuce

Spinach/Radish between Garlic

Calendula/Marigolds interplanted everywhere in the Veggie gardens for pest control and prettiness....  

If you google Interplanting/Companion planting, you can get some ideas there and some awesome charts.  It's a bit of a science, but it's fun to try and can be very rewarding.

If like me you don't have the space for a market garden, but sow seeds like you have one this might be worth trying!! 

Happy gardening!  So far the Wellington weather has been kind and I've been pottering. I'm enjoying the sunshine and lack of wind - as is my Cherry Blossom!

Interplanting and small spaces