Introducing my new Vege Planter


Date:18 Oct 2021

Blog Type:Mini Challenge - GROW TO GIVE, Vegetables, Flowers

Last Summer holiday period we put in a new deck, and as the building progressed I realised the corner for the vege garden needed to be built.

It was built to be the perfect perch height for people socialising or leaning to plant/weed.

I have had terrible attempts at growing stuff in the past. I think due to a combination of inappropriate soil/conditions and being overly ambitious. The only thing that grew amazingly during the last attempt was chillies (I gave ridiculous amounts away). I did have a nice herb garden but the new decks shadow killed off everything but the Rosemary; Parsley; and Chives.

I finally started planting a few things in the garden start of August (and more start of October). I am keeping it simple.


Carrot (Orange; and multi-colours)




Mint (it's in a pot!!!)

Spring Onion


Due to lockdown in Auckland I was limited in what I could chose for the latest shopping trip. So now I have WAY too many basil and lettuce in the garden. I will be sharing my excess with my neighbours and friends who can visit (outdoors on the deck).

Keen eyes may notice that by the fence line there are Snapdragons, because I am NOT leaning that far to harvest veges. So I am hoping for a pretty view behind the practical veges.

Introducing my new Vege Planter