It ain't easy being green

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:14 Oct 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables

As Kermit the frog said , although in a whole different context of course .

Today my ahphid devouring parasistic wasps arrived and they are feasting their way though the aphids that snuck under my radar and thought they had themselves a sweet wee pad , but no my friends I think not as they messed with my Roses , so Bioforce to the rescue , These wee guys were an over night courier and most had hatched in transit so were ready to eat , no sprays and safe for all our other helpful friends .

In the process of this aphid infestation , I stumbled across BRIX levels in the soil , which I think if I have it right is upping the sugar level of the soil to help protct the plant and make it less tasty to the aphids , on that note the one rose garden I have been feeding with the boiled banana water only had 1 aphid on close inspection , now squised , is that evidence that its helping beyond just having very happy looking roses ???? I feel its a win .

And my baas are the very diligent clean up crew in before we take that messy area to what I hope will be a fully funcioning vege garden in the very near future .

I met a guy with this amazing steam weeder , great for big areas I am yet to get a qoute but I really hope I can afford it .

It ain't easy being green