It’s getting hot in here


Date:17 Oct 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables

Might be time to take the bubble wrap down in my greenhouse, this was the reading a bit after 9am this morning (I know it's reading pm, need to change that!). Mid week, temps are meant to drop again so I will take it down next weekend. It's crazy how warm in gets in there! Even an hour later with the roof vent and door open it was still sitting in the high 30's. Luckily the wind came up later in the morning and created a breeze and some ventilation.

I have planted out the rest of my courgette seedlings in the tunnel houses, sticking to my plan where they are to go - apart from having to change one. I realised I hadn't sown seeds for the ones I want to put outside, so I popped a few seeds in pots and they should take off once their up.

I also direct sowed a couple of rows of spring onions, parsnips and beetroot. And also have sown some more mesclun, rocket and celery seeds into pots. Some more seedlings got potted on, as everything is starting to grow rapidly now!

The carrots I sowed a while ago are popping their heads up, but I'm still waiting for the parsnips. They weren't fresh seed so that may be why, but I'm still holding hope!

My troublesome roses got sprayed again as it's been two weeks, and I was very glad to only find aphids on a couple of rose bushes. But I do need to use something else next time like Sarah suggested, so they don't become immune to the same product. Has anybody got any suggestions - I have some neem oil would that work?

We got another hose for the bench and finished setting that up, so it's all ready to use now. So all in all a very productive weekend in the garden!

It’s getting hot in here