It’s the small things


Date:20 Feb 2021

Blog Type:Flowers

I bought four dahila tubers and planted  them in spring last year, I fell in love with dahlias after following a flower farmer on Instagram. I only had one variety in my garden before buying these new tubers.

I had been watching the new tubers I planted like a hawk, waiting for them to sprout out of the soil and bloom into their glory.

Unfortunely this didn't happen - none of them even came up. I got busy with life and the vege gardens/summer harvests and took my eyes off the ball it seems (sorry flower gardens!)

A few days ago as I opened the windows in my lounge and looked down into the garden, I squealing out loud with excitement (not even kidding), to find a dahila plant with one beautiful flower! It has been eaten by something, but I don't even care! To me it's the most beautiful flower in my garden!

I'm not holding high hopes of the others doing anything, but you just never know

It’s the small things