Just in time!!!


Date:06 Dec 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables

Just wanted to share my super exciting surprise! 

I'm trying to let one of each thing I plant complete it's full cycle and flower then set seed. It's great for the bees and then gives me more seed - sometimes finishing in interesting plants as cross pollination happens!

I try and collect the seeds as they are ready but every now and then I miss them and end up with sneaky 'wild' plants pop up - I've had that happen with kale, carrots, broccoli and countless flowers, but it's the first time for my purple cauli - even more exciting was that it was growing amongst other plants so I hadn't even noticed it!! 

Luckily I had noticed a big weed which made me go into a place in the garden I don't usually venture, otherwise this may have gone to flower without me even realising it was there!! This one though now is going to be taken for dinner. 


Just in time!!!