Labour weekend gardening


Date:24 Oct 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables

Another productive day in the garden, although it wasn't as sunny as yesterday, but still warm, with light rain off and on which the garden would of enjoyed.

My pumpkins, chillis, scallopini, some capsicums and kamokamo (which I've never grown before), got moved up pot sizes, as you can see from the photo they really needed it! And I also potted on my poor neglected flowers that are always put behind the vegetables, some were big enough to plant out!

I then washed what felt like a million pots after these two days of planting out etc, which was rather nice using my bench and my back sure loved me for it.

I fed my fruit trees - which I'm late in doing with well rotted horse manure and also done a general weed around the place.

I have achieved everything plus more I set out to do this weekend, so tomorrow will be family day which I am looking forward to!

Labour weekend gardening