Lazy Friday Dinner


Date:26 Nov 2021

Blog Type:Mini Challenge - VEGETABLE RECIPES, Vegetables, Recipes

This pasta dish we love making - it’s a ‘throw together’ one and while it is lazy you still get a good dose of greens!


As with most of our cooking, it’s ‘a little bit of this and a little bit of that’, so I’ll try put amounts next to things!


Start by frying off your meat of choice - we like adding cubed salami for a super easy dinner, chorizo for a good flavor punch, or chicken if we can be bothered with the dinner taking a little longer.


Remove from pan and set aside, then add onion to fry.


Once this is looking good put a pot of pasta onto cook, and add 2 cloves of crushed garlic into the onion mix.


Then add your greens!


We always grow a glut of basil in the summer, pick the leaves, whiz it up with some oil, and freeze it  spread flat on a silicon mat roughly portioned up so once it’s frozen we can snap off the sections and keep it in a freezer bag until we want to use it - so here I add some basil (probably 4 ice cubes worth) and a whole lot of roughy chopped spinach and kale (probably 2 handfuls - I remove the tough stalks from the kale but not the spinach), and anything else from the garden that would go with it - I'm summer I'll add toms and zucchini, this time of year I added a cauliflower that was reaching for the sky (half a head, roughly chopped)


Once it has wilted down I take it out and give it a quick whiz with the whiz stick - adding salt and pepper to taste and a bit of the pasta water to thin it down - it can be made as chunky or smooth as you like.


To serve I put it back in the pan with the meat and cooked pasta, give it a good mix and serve it with some parmesan cheese and a sprinkle of sunflower seeds for some crunch - if I’m feeling flash I also add some diced sundried tomatoes and add some of their oil into the greens mix too.


There you have it, pretty no-fuss and tasty!

Lazy Friday Dinner