Lockdown Life & Mini Challenge One

Gardener:Mrs Muddy Toes

Date:08 Sep 2021

Blog Type:Mini Challenge - Meet the Neighbours

It's pouring outside with rain and heavy gale winds where I live in Auckland which also means it is still Lockdown Level 4!  I have been passing my time in lockdown with home schooling two kids, baking excessive amounts of sourdough breads and related items and occasionally getting to sow a few seeds or venture out to the garden for a "Mummy Mental Health Break" as I like to call it.

I thought since the weather was so terrible I would make a big cuppa and sit down to read the many posts here on the Growing Community but I had no idea just how behind I was... Yikes!

It was so cool to read the posts of many familiar names from the previous year and that of so many new ones!  I have already found new tips and things to investigate further which is a testament to Yates creating this space for such a great community of growers to come together!

For the Mini Challenge One, I would like to nominate Charlie for Meet the Neighbours as she is a fellow mummy/gardener balancing work at home, the challenges of her large property vs. weather and homeschooling during lockdown whilst still finding time to post on the Growing Community Page!

A big shout out to all the bloggers taking part and wishing us all a really successful growing adventure in the months to come ;)


Lockdown Life & Mini Challenge One